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Thread Tracker 2014-2015

August 2014:

Nocturnal: Dante (C), Wan (C)

Confronting Evandau: Fire Sector Battle (I)

September 2014:

Idiotic Threat: Dante (C)

No Subject: Dante (C)

Heaven and Hell: Wan (C)

Evandau: Skulduggery (I)

V for Vendetta: Mike Weston (C)

Zugzwang|Haywire:Anton, Dante, Raine, Wan (C)

Zugzwang|Nullified: Anton (C)

Profylaxis: Anton (C)

Profylaxis:Zelgadis (C)

Palace Exploration|Courtyard: Skulduggery (C)

October 2014

Palace Exploration|Library: Skulduggery (C)

Palace Exploration|Throne Room: Skulduggery (C)

Palace Exploration|Prison: Dante, Anton, Tony (I)

Because of my Momentous Wrong: Bakura, Solomon Wreath (C)

I Have Learned to Suffer in Silence: Zelgadis (C), Anton (C)

Network Video: Bakura (C)

Witch Hunt: Zuko, Wan, Katara, Sokka (I)

I Need Someone Else to Lead Me Now: Wan (C)

The Rabid Dog: Zuko (C)

And You Seem to Break Like Time: Solomon Wreath (I)

October Catch All: Tazendra (C)

Open: Jacob Kane (C)

October Catch all: Zelgadis (C), Dante (C)

Palace Exploration| Library: Dante (C)

Palace Exploration| Ritual Chamber: Dante (C)

Network Video/Action: Raine (C), Malicant (C)

Oct Catch All: Dante (C)

You're Going to Hear Me Roar (Major Plot): Wan (C)

Possession is 9/10 of the Law (Major Plot): Wan (C)

Possession is 9/10 of the Law (Info Share, Major Plot): Wan, Raine (I)

November 2014

IC Inbox log: Dante (C)

IC Inbox: The Dreaming: Raine (C)

Endplot Part 1: Roll the Bones | Midnight Hotel: Milyn (C)

Endplot Part 1: Roll the Bones | Possessed Via Taint: Dante, Anton (C)

Endplot Part 1: Roll the Bones | Zuko Possessed Via Taint: Zuko, Katara, Iroh, Sokka (I)

Endplot Part 2: Roll the Bones | Malicant Battle (C)

December 2014

December Test Drive Meme: Vergil

Endplot: Before the Dawn | Dante:OTA (C)

Endplot: Before the Dawn | Wan:OTA (C)

Endplot: Before the Dawn | Solomon:OTA (C)

A New World Order | Awakening:OTA Zelgadis(C)

A New World Order | Exploring Keeliai: Raine (C), Dante (C)

She isn't Always Like This: Sonja, Skulduggery, Anton

No Dawn, No Day OTA: Wan (C), Dante (C)

The Snakes: Tu Yunxu (C)

Event: A New World Order- Bakura, Tony, Katara (I)

January 2015

Operation Get Our Stuff Back: Tony, Sokka, Gene (I)

Midnight Hotel OTA: Sonja, Metalworkers (C)

January Catch All: Nelo Angel/Vergil (C)

January Catch All: Dante (C)

January Catch All: Dante, Vergil (C)

What is this Feeling | Raine (I)

Event: Courtyard of Public Opinion | Tu Yunxu (I)

Event | Landfall | Revelations: Nelo Angelo

Event | Landfall | Perfect Amulet Half: Dante

February 2015

February Catch All

All I Want to do is Watch the World Burn | Raine, Anton, Skulduggery (I)

Vergil's February Catch All | Vergil, Gene

Tu Yunxu Post

Sing Me a Sweet Requiem, For my Dreams Have Died: Milyn

Vergil's February Catch All

Not Everything is Black and White | Vergil's Catch All

March 2015

Because Darling I'm a Nightmare, Dressed like a Daydream (March Logs)

Network Radio Post: Alayne

Midnight Hotel Catch All | Anton

Network Radio Post: Anton

Midnight Hotel Catch All | Sonja

Have you Seen this Child? | Hiro

Sonja Catch All | Chess

I was Looking for a Breath of Life | Gene, Wan, Vergil, Raine, Tony

April 2015

This is Where the Healing Begins | April Logs

Look at the Wonderful Mess We Made | Vergil

Kneel in Silence Alone | Solomon Wreath

Knight Fencer | Duke

Midnight Hotel April Catch All | Gene

The Next Place | Deon, Raine

Console Video | Alayne

Console Video |Zatanna

Event 4th Wall Festival | 18th | Heojin

April Catch All | Zelos

Radio Post | Akito

Event: 4th Wall Part 2 | Yuri

Radio Post | Vergil

Midnight Hotel 4th Wall | Anton, Larrikin

May 2015

Thanks to You | May Logs

Event: Disaster Relief | Skulduggery

Midnight Hotel Catch All | Anton

Let's Talk About the Weather | Dove

Console Video | The Cultists

Radio | Zanru

Training Alayne | Alayne

Life is like Playing a Violin Solo in Public | Skulduggery

June 2015

These are the Days that Bind Us Together, Forever | June Logs

Console Video (Spam) | Anton, Erskine

Go Ahead! Panic! | Gene

Yard Sale | Gene

Yard sale fight aftermath | Anton, Skul, Erskine

Console Audio (Spam) | Erskine, Anton, Bakura

Console Audio (Spam) | Anton

Midnight Hotel Catch all | Erskine

Console Video | Anton, Erskine, Skulduggery

IC Inbox | Raine

Video | Bakura

Landfall | Bakura

Landfall | China

Conning Yunxu | Jackie

July 2015

Midnight Hotel Catch All | Erskine

Midnight Hotel Catch All | Anton

Console | Turtle Possession Announcement

To Get a Dream of Life Again | Turtle Possession and Vision

Radio Post | Turtle possession follow up

Just One Mistake | July Catch All

Radio: Turtle Magic | Zatanna

We Cannot Cage the Minute | Bakura

Snake Announcement | Tu Yunxu

And With All your Magic | Pre-Mingle

And with all your magic | Spell Casting

Radio | Magic Spell Aftermath| Zatanna

We Cannot Cage the Minute | Bakura

Midnight Hotel Dance Party

August 2015

NPC Console Video

You Fight Me/ On My Face I Fall | Irvine

Sometimes the only Pay-off for Having any Faith | August Catch All

7th Kill Console Video | Shay

August Catch All | Kaiba

Radio | Planning

Video | Aang

Used to care | Jacob Kane

Dealing with Things | Erskine

Console Video | Jack Frost

September 2015

Let Your Plans be as Dark...(September Catch All)

Chihuelan Body Snatching | Radio Private to Foreigners

Negotiations | Tu Yunxu

Console Video | Louis

Though the Dark | Gene and NPC

Console Video (Unity) | Cain

Event: Domestic Disturbances

Handset | Rue/Erskine

Ghost by my Side | Jacob Kane

Idle Curiosity | Skulduggery

October 2015

You Know We've got a mystery to solve | Tony Stark

Those who are dead | Oct Catch All

Midnight Hotel Catch All | Anton

Video | Wallace

A Sleepy Headed Man | Sion

Meet the Medic | Casey

Console Video | Masquerade Announcement

IC Inbox | Bakura b-day

(Tushan Based One Shot) My Heart is a Hollow Plane

Event: Masquerade | Vergil

Event: Masquerade | Dance Court

Event: Masquerade | Bakura

Event: Masquerade | Klaus

November 2015

The Hero | Memory Loss Log

And all the Walls of Dreaming....| November Catch All

Fifth Verse Network post | River

Network Bunny Plot | Erskine, Anton

The Name Game | Console Video

And Every City was a Gift | Raine

December 2015

Console Video | Zatanna

Ribbons | Anton

Console: Shopping | Erskine

Console Video | Bakura

Console | Vergil's Disappearance



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