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Character Relationships


She saved my life and for that I am thankful. She is wise, and I admire her resolve to help others, although we don't always see eye-to-eye. I consider her to be a friend, but I'm not sure where I stand with her. I seem to confuse her and our relationship is filled with miscommunication, I'm trying, but it isn't easy.

Flyktig Hjort
As his name suggests, Jackie is a nervous and distrusting individual. I know that he is dead in his world and that it was a violent death, so I can't fault him for being scared and uncertain. I wish he trusted that people can act without expecting something in return. I will protect him if needed. He has become a dear friend

Lyse Hjerte
Wise beyond her years, she has shown me great kindness and understanding despite my shortcomings.


Hvit Hevner
He once objected strongly to my existence, something not easily overcome, but since saving my life, our...relationship has changed dramatically. I have learned more from him in our three conversations than I have learned from comparable conversations with those I count as pack. He confuses me more than most humans, in fact, he makes no sense to me at all. He's almost being...nice.

Skånsom Kjempe
He's almost like a brother to me.

Relationship Info


Velmenende Lure
If I had to choose three words to describe him I'd choose: immature, tactless, good-hearted. One virtue out of three words isn't too bad I suppose, and yet he is annoying even when he is trying to be kind. I consider him an ally, and there is no denying that he is smart, but his intelligence is limited to science and technology. No street smarts whatsoever.

Skjult Krigsmann
I don't know much about him, but he seems to be the most level headed teenager on the turtle. There is something between him and Tony Stark, but the exact nature of their relationship isn't my business and I'm not sure I care anyway. I consider him an ally. I should talk with him about Vergil, I know that he is somehow responsible.

Gård Gutt
relationship info

Relationship Info

relationship info

relationship info

Gamle Sjarmøren
relationship info


Relationship Info

Hellig Fekter
Relationship Info

Relationship Info

NPC Relationships

Tu Yunxu

The leader of the Snakes. I have a certain amount of respect for what he has achieved, but I don't trust him. He knows things that he shouldn't and it makes me wonder just how much he knows about us. On some level, I think he might actually be stupid, playing with powers he doesn't understand or respect. By the time I am finished, he will have been educated on such matters, after all, when you play with fire, you will eventually get burned.


She is as mysterious as she is sweet. I suspect that she isn't all there as she tends to jabber and go on long tangents, but she is on our side. But Milyn is also a cultist. Or at least, she was during Malicant's reign. I'm not sure I can trust her anymore. Her actions aren't morally right.



Skinnende Ridder
He was a conundrum and there was little logic to his actions, but I considered him a friend and I trusted him. I kissed him in the Dreaming, after the battle with Malicant, and though I tried to deny it, the truth eventually came to light. Then he vanished and I discovered that he lied to me about his brother's true nature. For a time I was angry, but he was an idealist, always looking for the good in the people he cared about and he loved me despite everything.


He knows of my darkest secret and still he has decided to be my friend, so I treasure his kindness and friendship. I feel almost as if the Void does not exist when he is near and would entrust him with anything. I never need to fear when he is around nor worry that he will abandon me.

To Møtte
Dante's brother. We once again have an understanding and I would say a sort of bond over our mutual love for Dante. Revelations didn't purge Vergil's darkness, but it did merge Nelo's personality with his, I hope that that will be enough to curb his violent side. We have a sort of unspoken alliance, I might even go so far as to call him a friend.

He is wise beyond his years and I have never known such kindness. He has my utmost respect, as evidenced by the power of the name I gave him. He somehow knows how to reach me when no one else can and has protected me when I haven't deserved it. I don't truly understand his actions, but I appreciate them more than he can possibly know. I trust him.

He and I are more alike than I care to admit. Our pasts and powers haunt us, giving us a sense of likeness, except for the fact that he doesn't trust me and I don't trust him. Yet despite our mutual distrust, we have managed to not kill each other.

Brukket Ridder
(Skulduggery Pleasant Spoiler Warning). He has a kindness and nobility about him that all the Dead Men seem to possess. I firmly believe that no one deserves what he went through, no matter what he did. His reasoning may have been flawed, but it was the byproduct of being broken. Unfortunate as that is, I can understand it, and despite my former apprehensions, I suppose I can trust him.

Every interaction has been negative and due to his relationship with Raine, I find it best to avoid him altogether. He is a selfish and self-centered human and I honestly don't know what she sees in him, but he honestly isn't worth my time and I suspect he thinks the same of me.
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