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Swallowing the Sun

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The motionless darkness beyond the shimmering veil reminded her of nights when the moon was dark. Dark, intimidating, unending, even her enhanced vision couldn’t penetrate its depths, but there was nothing wrong with her ears. She could hear the low whispers of long damned souls that hovered just beyond sight. It was almost like a dream, except she wasn’t sleeping. She was meditating, tuning out the rest of the world in order to walk within her own soul.

Jeg befaler deg å vise deg selv, she said to the darkness.

A low hiss filled the air, and something began to move within the shadows cast by the veil. A single, slender head emerged from the dark, twisting fog, it’s slitted, red eyes glowing softly.

Hvor modig hun er å innkalle meg fra mørket, it hissed, its tongue flicking out, its tone amused. Hvor modig hun er å gjemme seg bak lyset.

Do not mock me, She said, meeting its red gaze with her own.

She thinks she is stronger than us, that she doesn’t need us…The dark coils moved through the shadows, the smooth slither of scaly skin across the plane.

Right now, Valdis replied, unwavering, I am stronger than you. Du krype i mørket , en simpering , trist skapning..

The Void hissed, its tongue lashing the air, its eyes narrowing. We would have helped you against your enemy, men du slått på oss , du sviktet oss.

You tried to destroy me, to turn me back into the monster that I used to be. Her voice remained steady, but her eyes steeled.

We only wanted to end your pain, the pain of emotion and morality. We do not expect you to understand, The snake-ish head lowered, Why have you come?

There is danger.

I know of this danger, the head reared up, its long body finally appearing, curling around itself. en mørk gud, worthy of following, worthy of fear.

She blinked, her confidence wavering. The Void’s regard for darkness could ruin everything. She was aware that it wasn’t an evil creature, the Void simply didn’t know right from wrong and it wasn’t capable of learning the difference. It acted according to it’s nature, drawn to chaos and power. Where does your loyalty lie?

With the well being of my host, it replied, for without you, I could not exist. but as your friend told you, merely existing is not enough.

So the Void was more aware than she had thought. She began to walk back and forth, keeping the veil between herself and her monster, feeling its eyes following her. We cannot afford to fight each other, we are stronger when we work together.

Yessss It hissed, But there is a price for my direct aid, the Void scoffed, but it tipped its head curiously, You have proved unwilling to pay it.

She hesitated only a moment, I will pay it.

The head lifted and an eerie laughter rang out, echoed by the thousands of souls that still lingered out of sight. This dark god could be our salvation, what price could match that?

She only had one thing to offer, and she didn’t see much of a choice. She had to ensure that her darkness remain loyal to her and not someone else. Especially not a power hungry demon that was aware of her connection to the death plane. She stopped pacing and turned to face the snake, When we finally return home to our world, you may have my soul in exchange for your aid here.

The serpent was silent, staring at her with its red eyes slitted in thought. It’s head snapped forward, jaws opened, but she stood her ground and the jaws stopped short of hitting the veil. It closed it’s mouth, hissing, flicking it’s tongue to graze the barrier of light, trying to intimidate her. Valdis met its gaze, unflinching, unmoved. Its head withdrew as the Void began to retreat back into the shadows, The bargain is accepted.

The shadows curled around it and the slithering faded away as the Void returned to its resting place. She released her breath, trying to slow her heartbeat as she opened her eyes and returned to the physical plane.

Jeg beklager,” She whispered under her breath. “uhemmet vil fare hundene i helvete,” She stood, looking over at the holy sword that rarely left her side, “og kaos skal regjere igjen.”


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