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General Permissions
Threadhopping: Unless stated otherwise, it should be fine.
4th Walling: Seeing as Valdis hails from an original canon, this might be difficult for you to do, but I’m not opposed, message me to discuss.
Backtagging: Certainly, I dislike leaving things unfinished.
Fighting: Valdis prefers to not fight in her human form, although she might be up for a friendly spar. Otherwise, if you are up for taking on a horse-sized wolf then go ahead and force a fight. It should be noted that Valdis has inhuman speed and strength. Message me to choreograph.
Death: Valdis is special in that she can revive herself, so if your character can deal a lethal blow and you are prepared for the consequences then message me to discuss.
Flirting: Definitely and she will most likely flirt back
Hugging/kissing: You can try, but it might be better to allow her to make the first move
Relationships: With in game development
Outing her true identity: Only with permission as it would have serious consequences for her character.

Canon Permissions
Hellhound Senses: Valdis has heightened smell, hearing and sight. It is important to note that she can also see soul energies and sense negative emotions and evil. If you need more details, see her application. Tu Shanshu Application
Does your character smell a certain way?
Is your character’s soul different or unusual in any way?
Is, or was, your character tainted by evil?
Has your character ever killed someone?
Does your character carry an emotionally heavy burden around?
What would your character's moral alignment be? (This helps with the soul sight: Alignment list)
Please add any more notable details concerning your charater's soul.

Mind Link: Valdis has the ability to communicate directly into the minds of others while in hound form, if she has established a relationship with them (positive or negative). This link is only for communication purposes, is only when she is in hound form and does not automatically connect when she shifts. While connected she may pick up the current feelings and thoughts of the person she is linked to.
Does your character have an ability that would block this mind link?

Notes on other abilities:

Empathy: Valdis is an empath and can feel the emotions of others, especially if the emotion is strong enough and in some cases reacts to that emotion. This is a passive ability that is more of a side affect of her possessing her own soul than anything else.

The Void: The Void has many facets, but it is, in essence the source of a hellhound's power. The Void not only holds the souls a hound has taken, but also manages that energy and can also be used to steal souls. In game, Valdis has used the power of the Void to walk into someone's soul, but this leaves her body vulnerable to attack. I mention the Void only so that people are aware that it exists, it will not be used to attack a player-character's soul unless cleared with the other player.

Healing: Valdis has a passive healing ability that will immediately close any wounds and even resurrect her from death. This ability is only affected by holy-based magicks and her own use of Revelations, an angelic sword. This healing only applies to her own injuries.

Revelations: Revelations is an Angelic Blade forged by the Archangels. While more info on it can be found in her app I will note that the blade can only be wielded by its master and those that the master trusts. It will reject being held by anyone else, especially if they hold darkness in their souls. How the blade rejects your character is up to you but so far it has ranged from making someone feel ill to actually shocking them when they touch it. I should also note that if Valdis is wary, afraid or dislikes your character, or your character holds darkness inside of them, it will reject the character quite violently.
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