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Swallowing the Sun

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Aug. 27th, 2016 12:01 pm
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Breath of Life | Florence and the Machine

A Demon’s Fate | Within Temptation

Stronger | Kelly Clarkson

Fight Song| Rachel Platten

Pompeii | Bastille

Lost in Thoughts | Amillee

Demons | Imagine Dragons

Centuries | Fall Out Boy

Set Fire to the Rain | Adele

Where is the Edge | Within Temptation

Rise | Katy Perry

Cosmic Love | Florence and the Machine

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Player Information:
Name: Kalineh
Age: over 18
Contact: [ profile] kalineh
Other Characters Played: None
Most Recent AC Link: N/A

Character Information:
Name: Valdis (Meira)
Canon: Original Canon: Swallowing the Sun
Canon Point: After being dealt an almost fatal wound by the Archdemon Lord Amos while protecting Malachi, the son of Michael the Archangel.
Age: Appears 25, in reality 2500
Reference Links: During her 342 year exile in the human world, Valdis has flitted from place to place, spending some time in Italy, England, France, Spain, China and Norway before crossing over to the United States. She trained as a courtesan when she first established an identity in the human world and has most recently been living under the name Grace Hall in an upscale part of New York for the past five years. With a preference for riches, Valdis often consorted with the wealthy and noble in the age of Empires and in more recent times those who possessed money and power. By using what she learned over the years she walked among humans, Valdis was able to amass a small fortune in a Swedish bank account that allows her to live comfortably. But Valdis’ inner conflict between her soul and those she has stolen leads her to seek a solution that limits her to either one or the other and added to her recent boredom could lead her down a very dangerous path with possibly serious consequences for all involved.

Setting Concepts:

Significant Events:
Regaining her Soul
About 342 years ago, on the night of April 13th, a volcanic eruption occurred in Faial which was followed by five seismic waves causing a seismic crisis on the whole island. Though labeled a natural disaster, its cause was an immense battle between the Archangel Michael and the Hellhound Queen, Valdis, whose strength was considered equal, but as the devastation reached its climax, Michael struck Valdis down with the holy sword, Revelations, severing the bond between her and her pack. The Archangel was then forced into retreat as Hellhound reinforcements arrived upon the field of battle.

Though Valdis returned with her pack to the Underworld, the severing of her bond with them caused an unexpected side effect within the Queen. Valdis regained her soul and through it felt emotions previously foreign to her. In her confusion and fear, she killed two of her packmates as she fought to escape the underworld. Forced into a self-exile, Valdis was left to roam the human world alone, forever hiding from her pack, the angels and the demons. The Archangel Michael discovered the fallen queen and, realizing what had occurred, was unable to destroy her. He hid her from the Angelic Council and aided her in establishing a human identity.

The Archangel Michael asked for her aid in protecting his fledgling son from the demons who had discovered his existence. Since Michael had once helped her, she couldn't refuse his request and took on the task of training and protecting the fledgling. Shortly after she took on the young angel, the Archdemon Lord Amos made contact with her and, fearful for her safety, she fled from her city home, training Malachi while on the road.

Founded after the fall of Lucifer, The Angelic Order has long protected humans from the temptation and evils of the Demons. They walk among the human race, protecting individuals from within the shadows and their very presence can be a deterrent to a low leveled demon. Angels are split into three ranks. Archangels are the oldest, and most experienced of the angels who govern over the other angels and if needed, lead them into battle. Only known as Angels, these are the warriors and guardians of the human race, moving among them and intervening when dictated by their code. Angelic warriors in training are known as Fledglings. Fledglings are young angels who have not yet come into their full power and hence are closely protected during their young years. Fledglings are a prime target for demons, who can sense their presence when outside of the protected grounds of the Order. Though often depicted with them, Angels do not possess wings nor are they capable of flight.

Demons walk among humans unacknowledged and unseen. Unlike angels, they often interact directly with their human counterparts. Demons seek to cause humanity's fall through manipulation and temptation. They too have a hierarchy, with a single Archdemon leading a group of lower ranking demons. Demons openly present themselves as beautiful, but beneath the illusion they hide ugly intentions. Because demons live within a caste system, unequal treatment is common and the lower caste demons are often tormented by those of the higher castes. Lower cast demons have little free will or intelligence, driven mostly by instinct. Higher caste demons show more intelligence and are capable of complex thought. The most intelligent demons occupy the highest caste and are more dangerous than their lower caste counterparts. It is these demons who created the third party to this war.

Angels whose souls have been torn asunder become the devil dogs known as Hellhounds. Instinctively seeking to regain what they once had, they are the reapers of the Underworld and because they have no soul of their own, they are incapable of mercy or love and desire only power. Although some demon lords can rival them in power, Hellhounds look down upon demons as lesser inhabitants of the underworld and consider humans to be pitiful creatures with weak wills. Angels are the greatest enemy of the Hellhounds, yet Angelic code dictates that no angel is to face a Hellhound without backup. Their main form is that of a large ebony colored wolf, usually around 15 hands (5 feet) at the shoulder. At rest their eyes are an emerald green, but when angered, their pupils become deep, blood red in color. This color change is present even when they take a human form. They are agile, swift and strong, which wouldn't be unique among the legendary factions.

What truly sets the Hellhounds apart is their ability to consume the energy within a human soul. With each soul consumed, the Hellhound gains more power and can even revive itself after a fatal wound. But this regeneration is limited to the number of souls that a hellhound has consumed. When soul energy is taken from a living human, usually no mark is left upon the victim and it is often decided than the person whose soul was taken died of a heart attack.

Souls can also be harvested from those who have died if the Hound is present at the moment of death. A released soul is drawn into a Hellhound's body similarly to how a star is drawn into a black hole, but this method of gathering is less precise the longer the distance between the hound and soul and there is a chance that the soul could escape into the light. If successfully captured, the soul is broken down into energy and stored within the body until needed for regeneration and once used, the soul essentially ceases to exist, thus no redemption for those who die in this manner. Another use of the soul energy is for strength, the more souls a hound has consumed, the stronger they become and using up large amounts of soul energy can leave the hound's strength greatly depleted.

The Void
The Void is a parasitic entity that exists within all Hellhounds. Contrary to belief, the creature itself does not possess much magic of it’s own and is mostly a corrupter of magic that already exists. It is able to enter the body of a host whose soul has been shattered by the power of Kerberos. It can speak to its host and may offer advice. In Valdis’ case, The Void exists alongside her soul, causing instability as it is a consumer of souls. Details on the specific abilities it offers will be addressed in another section.

Revelations was the blade used by the Archangel Michael to defeat the soulless Hellhound Queen. The holy magic within the sword, which should have destroyed a being of darkness, instead drew Valdis’ shattered soul from the Void and reassembled it. Though the sword was specifically designed by the archangels to combat the powers of the Hellhounds, it failed to destroy Valdis. This failure caused the Angelic Order suspended further research and hence Revelations is the only sword of its kind. However, the sword was not a failure, it simply acted upon the will of its master, Michael the Archangel, who still believed that he could save his sister who had become Valdis. It is his love for her and his continuing desire to protect her that supports the barrier that separates her soul from the Void and prevents the Void from devouring it.

Valdis is a high-strung individual whose first priority has always been herself. In her mind, she is still a queen and she sees herself as better than those she lives among, more beautiful and more intelligent than they could ever be. But she learned over the years that acting as such is not beneficial or helpful to her cause, so she has carefully constructed a persona for others to see. She usually presents herself as a kind, somewhat reserved woman with a light sense of humor, someone who is approachable and enjoys a good conversation. She will morph her persona's personality as she learns more about the people she is interacting with, something where her training as a courtesan has proved invaluable. Valdis can and will try to manipulate others, but even though she can easily win over those who find her attractive, some are more difficult to win over and others can eventually see right through her act. They may not know exactly what they dislike about Valdis, but they can tell that something is off about her. Occasionally Valdis has been known to stand up for others, but only when it is in line with what her persona would do as she view humans only as accessories and acquaintances whose purpose is to help her establish an identity.

Secrecy has been her greatest defense against her enemies and she guards herself carefully to avoid discovery. Hostility would be Valdis' first reactions to the knowledge that someone has guessed, or knows, her true identity, but unless pressed, Valdis will rarely resort to aggression, preferring to disengage from a situation and evaluate her position and that of her enemy. Despite her time among humans, many of her enemies would still hesitate to take her on, and she would be ready to prove that she still possessed power if they tried. She is not opposed to making threats to keep herself safe and can usually back up said threats with force if needed. She generally assumes that someone who knows her true identity is an enemy and usually doesn't believe them if they claim otherwise.

Because most of her interactions with others on her home world were carefully devised and her 'personality'; was often conditional, Valdis rarely showed her true nature. She is cold, calculating, manipulative, prideful to a fault and has an air of confidence that never seems to waver. One downfall is that she feels a deep-seated envy for the love and happiness that humans possess and share with each other. As her own soul was pure before being shattered, she has a vague memory of what happiness and love feel like, memories which gain strength when near Michael, but the corrupted energies of the consumed souls leave her unable to truly feel those positive emotions.

As a result, when she isn't hiding behind a persona, Valdis can be rather surly when dealing with others, especially if they have nothing to offer her. Her manipulative side tends to appear when she deduces someone's weaknesses and she takes great joy in using their flaws against them. Although she doesn't care much about the feelings of others, she doesn't want them to dislike her either, as such feelings could cause problems for her later, so she tries to be nice. Valdis is so confident in herself and her abilities that it would be difficult to injure her pride, but despite her ability to be patient, she becomes frustrated when people keep her waiting or ignore her entirely. If she aids someone, there is always an ulterior motive and she will eventually collect on the favor.

Her powers allowed her to take a form that would be described as beautiful by most men. In her human form, Valdis stands at 5'6';. Her long, wavy hair is the color of raven feathers, a dark contrast to her fair skin. Her eyes normally appear emerald green, but may shift to a deep blood red. Her intended PB is Jaimie Alexander.

As a hound, Valdis stands about 15 hands (5 feet) at the shoulder, has thick raven colored fur and green eyes than may shift to red if angered. Though called a hound, her form more closely resembles that of a wolf, but perhaps a little more streamlined.

Valdis is naturally fit, her small stature hiding a strength unequaled by all but the highest ranking demons and angels, though this has somewhat diminished in the years she has been hiding. Due to her long lifespan, she has been able to train in many kinds of weapons. She is a dead shot with a bow and if available can handle a pistol or sniper rifle as if she was born using them. Swordplay is the art of nobles and thus she has trained with a variety of blades. She also knows a variety of martial arts. Valdis is capable of shifting between her human and hound forms at will.

In her hound form, she can easily leap up over seven feet and lunge as long as thirty five feet using her strong back legs. She can also sprint up to 45 miles an hour, making her a deadly enemy, though sharp turns at this speed can easily throw her off balance. Using soul energy from within the Void increases her agility both in hound and human forms. Her jaws are strong enough to crush bones and dent even the strongest armor. Her offense is much better than her defense in both human and wolf form, but using the soul energy she has consumed, Valdis is able to regenerate and heal herself from otherwise debilitating injuries. She can even return from death, though both processes may take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours.

As a creature of hell, she is immune to heat based attacks, but weak to light based magicks and weapons. In addition to her hound abilities, Valdis possesses sharper smell, vision and hearing, the natural enhancements of a canine. She is able to sense strong negative emotions, such as anger, hatred or fear, can sense soul energies and can see soul energies. While in hound form, she can communicate via a mind link, as she used to with her pack, but only with people she has established a relationship with.

The Void grants her the ability to steal souls in one of three ways. The first, the most violent and the one that requires physical contact, is by actively entering the spiritual plane within an individual and, in most cases, tears their soul from them. The second can be directed to take multiple souls at once without touching them and is target specific. The third is a manifestation of dark energy that, when activated, slowly removes the soul from the body. It is non-specific and destroys every life within the affected area. None of these would be successfully used at any time unless approved for a plot.

Due to the point in time from which she was taken, during her battle with the Archdemon Lord Amos, Valdis would have nothing on her as she was in hound form.

Soul Gem:
Valdis' soul gem is an Alexandrite, an emerald green stone which, under certain lighting conditions, shifts to a ruby red, just like her eyes. The gem is set within a wolf's head pendant.

Writing Samples:

Third Person:
Darkness, fear, chaos, evil. If there was a place where none of these things existed, she probably wasn't allowed to enter. Perhaps it was her fate to be forever torn between worlds, to be an outsider, but maybe this was a place where she could challenge such a fate. Though confused and mostly dead when she had arrived, she now almost felt a strange sense of purpose. This was a world that needed her skills to combat an evil that seemed unstoppable. But as she well knew, even those drenched in evil could be defeated. And the leader of this place, the one who had summoned her, reeked of a power greater than any she had ever known. He was worthy of her respect at the very least and her respect was not easily won.

She had a chance here to create a new life here, one in which she could dictate everything, one in which she wouldn't have to act anymore. Keeping the actual hound in the bag wouldn't be possible for long, but she could hide the source of her regenerative powers for a time. This place was filled with opportunity, but there was the small fact that some, perhaps many, people would be displeased with her existence, but such problems weren't exactly new and at least here she might be able to find allies who weren't trying to kill her. And with the knowledge of so many different worlds gathered together, perhaps someone here could help her find a solution to her problem. Or not. But she was here now and she might as well make the best of it, after all she had learned how to adapt to new situations long ago and this would be no different.

Never in all my lives did I expect to see something like this. Admittedly, not many would think that a world exists in which cities reside upon the backs of a giant turtles, it seems too fantastic to be real. But let's face it, who am I to lecture upon what is reality and what is myth.

[She takes a deep breath before continuing.]

I have been called many things, but ‘hero'; was never one of them.

[She shakes her head.]

It is such an odd term, it could mean so many different things to so many different people.

[A small smile creeps across her face].

But that, at least, is something that I am used to. My name is Valdis and I am here to aid you ‘heroes'; in your mission.
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(ooc: after this thread)

The motionless darkness beyond the shimmering veil reminded her of nights when the moon was dark. Dark, intimidating, unending, even her enhanced vision couldn’t penetrate its depths, but there was nothing wrong with her ears. She could hear the low whispers of long damned souls that hovered just beyond sight. It was almost like a dream, except she wasn’t sleeping. She was meditating, tuning out the rest of the world in order to walk within her own soul.

Jeg befaler deg å vise deg selv, she said to the darkness.

A low hiss filled the air, and something began to move within the shadows cast by the veil. A single, slender head emerged from the dark, twisting fog, it’s slitted, red eyes glowing softly.

Hvor modig hun er å innkalle meg fra mørket, it hissed, its tongue flicking out, its tone amused. Hvor modig hun er å gjemme seg bak lyset.

Do not mock me, She said, meeting its red gaze with her own.

She thinks she is stronger than us, that she doesn’t need us…The dark coils moved through the shadows, the smooth slither of scaly skin across the plane.

Right now, Valdis replied, unwavering, I am stronger than you. Du krype i mørket , en simpering , trist skapning..

The Void hissed, its tongue lashing the air, its eyes narrowing. We would have helped you against your enemy, men du slått på oss , du sviktet oss.

You tried to destroy me, to turn me back into the monster that I used to be. Her voice remained steady, but her eyes steeled.

We only wanted to end your pain, the pain of emotion and morality. We do not expect you to understand, The snake-ish head lowered, Why have you come?

There is danger.

I know of this danger, the head reared up, its long body finally appearing, curling around itself. en mørk gud, worthy of following, worthy of fear.

She blinked, her confidence wavering. The Void’s regard for darkness could ruin everything. She was aware that it wasn’t an evil creature, the Void simply didn’t know right from wrong and it wasn’t capable of learning the difference. It acted according to it’s nature, drawn to chaos and power. Where does your loyalty lie?

With the well being of my host, it replied, for without you, I could not exist. but as your friend told you, merely existing is not enough.

So the Void was more aware than she had thought. She began to walk back and forth, keeping the veil between herself and her monster, feeling its eyes following her. We cannot afford to fight each other, we are stronger when we work together.

Yessss It hissed, But there is a price for my direct aid, the Void scoffed, but it tipped its head curiously, You have proved unwilling to pay it.

She hesitated only a moment, I will pay it.

The head lifted and an eerie laughter rang out, echoed by the thousands of souls that still lingered out of sight. This dark god could be our salvation, what price could match that?

She only had one thing to offer, and she didn’t see much of a choice. She had to ensure that her darkness remain loyal to her and not someone else. Especially not a power hungry demon that was aware of her connection to the death plane. She stopped pacing and turned to face the snake, When we finally return home to our world, you may have my soul in exchange for your aid here.

The serpent was silent, staring at her with its red eyes slitted in thought. It’s head snapped forward, jaws opened, but she stood her ground and the jaws stopped short of hitting the veil. It closed it’s mouth, hissing, flicking it’s tongue to graze the barrier of light, trying to intimidate her. Valdis met its gaze, unflinching, unmoved. Its head withdrew as the Void began to retreat back into the shadows, The bargain is accepted.

The shadows curled around it and the slithering faded away as the Void returned to its resting place. She released her breath, trying to slow her heartbeat as she opened her eyes and returned to the physical plane.

Jeg beklager,” She whispered under her breath. “uhemmet vil fare hundene i helvete,” She stood, looking over at the holy sword that rarely left her side, “og kaos skal regjere igjen.”
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Hello, you've reached Valdis. I'm not available right now, please leave me a message after the tone.


Aug. 22nd, 2014 07:45 pm
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How's my driving?
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Hello, you've reached Valdis. I'm not available at the moment, but please leave a message and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.


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