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NAME: Kalineh
AGE: over 18
CONTACT: Plurk or pm this journal


NAME: Valdis
AGE: Appears 25 (really 2500)
CANON POINT: After realizing the true origin of her kind.

BACKGROUND: About 342 years ago, on the night of April 13th, a volcanic eruption occurred in Faial which was followed by five seismic waves causing a seismic crisis on the whole island. Though labeled a natural disaster, its cause was an immense battle between the Archangel Michael and the Hellhound Queen, Valdis, whose strength was considered equal, but as the devastation reached its climax, Michael struck Valdis down with a holy sword, severing the bond between her and her pack. The Archangel was then forced into retreat as Hellhound reinforcements arrived upon the field of battle. Though Valdis returned with her pack to the Underworld, the severing of her bond with them caused an unexpected side effect within the Queen. Valdis regained her soul and through it felt emotions previously foreign to her. Forced into a self-exile, Valdis was left to roam the human world alone, forever hiding from her pack, the angels and the demons. The Archangel Michael discovered the fallen queen and, realizing what had occurred, was unable to destroy her. He hid her from the Angelic Council and aided her in establishing a human identity. As time passed, Valdis became more comfortable with her human form and with living among the humans. During her 342 year exile in the human world, Valdis has flitted from place to place, spending some time in Italy, England, France, Spain, China and Norway before crossing over to the United States. She has most recently been living under the name Grace Hall in an upscale part of New York for the past five years. With a preference for riches, Valdis often consorted with the wealthy and noble in the age of Empires and in more recent times those who possessed money and power.

PERSONALITY: Valdis is a high-strung individual whose first priority has always been herself. But she learned over the years that acting as such is not beneficial or helpful to her cause, so she has carefully constructed a persona for others to see. She usually presents herself as a kind, somewhat reserved woman with a light sense of humor, someone who is approachable and enjoys a good conversation. She will morph her persona’s personality as she learns more about the people she is interacting with, something where her training as a courtesan has proved invaluable. One downfall is that she feels a deep-seeded envy for the love and happiness that humans possess and share with each other. She doesn’t trust easily, fearing the idea of opening up to others or allowing herself to truly care for them. She has the capacity to be kind, and craves acceptance, but she isn’t entirely certain how to go about it due to her soul being younger than the years she has lived. She has slightly chaotic tendancies, and a fiery temper, quick to judge and slow to forgive. However, she does have an empathetic understanding towards others who have suffered or committed sins in their pasts. She is fiercely protective of those she has come to care about, but those are few and working one’s way into her trust isn’t easy.

INCENTIVE/FIT: As her own soul was pure before being shattered, she has a vague memory of what happiness and love feel like and seeks to know those emotions again, but that doesn’t mean that she won’t offer intimacy to people she doesn’t care about, after all, old habits die hard. She isn’t opposed to sexual relationships or one night stands, but her desire for meaningful relationships and friendships is important as well. Valdis would come to Eudio in exchange for the memories she lost concerning her life as an angel before her soul was shattered.

From my current game:
Trapped in the Dreaming

A Conversation on love

(In her canon, she is quite powerful, but I have pared her powers down quite a bit for her to fit in Eudio, mostly the ones related to her hound form as she will probably not need them)
Valdis was once worshipped as a Goddess of chaos.
She is stunningly beautiful and alluring.
Height: 5'6"
Valdis possesses sharp smell, vision, hearing and superior strength and speed compared to normal humans. She is quite agile as well.
She is able to sense and feel the emotions of others, in short, she is an Empath.
She can sense and see soul energies.
She self heals
She can shift into a wolf that is the size of a horse (about 15 hands at the shoulder)
Her eyes are normally an emerald green, but shift to red when angered or aroused.
Her skin is quite fair and her hair a very dark brown, almost black.
Valdis can speak several different languages, although she is most comfortable with English and Norwegian.
She loves ballroom dance.

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